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Live Music Scene interviewed Cassette Culture this week – but how did it go?

It could have been worse. I believe I’m no good about talking about the band so I’ve kept up my tendency to just talk about other things. Have a read and let us know how much you enjoyed it BECAUSE YOU DID in the comments below… Original is here.   Interview by Jodie Humphries I [...]

Cassette Culture - Bristol Lo Fi Indie Rock

Cassette Culture is an independent lo-fi indie rock band from Bristol, featuring Andy Price, Luke Chanelle and joined by a collective of other local musicians. They focus on upbeat music, playing narrative driven singalongs. A little fuzz here, a little bum note there. You know how it works ...

Cassette Culture can be found playing frequently in Bristol and the surrounding areas - you can find out when they're next playing on the gigs page.

And if you're not convinced - you should give them a listen - there's plenty of music on the audio and video page from YouTube and Soundcloud. You can listen to Whiskey Sours, Today Won't Be As Bad As The Next Day, and all your other favourite, and already classic Cassette Culture songs

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